BLACK 600 TVL Mini CCS-Mount Box Security Camera


Delivers high-quality video even in the most challenging lighting conditions

  • Ultra compact CS-mount box camera
  • Built-in OSD controls to adjust camera settings
  • Privacy zone masking
  • Digital noise reduction (DNR)

    The BLK-CDS205NS ultra compact box camera uses the 1/3 in Sony chipset. Offering 600 lines of resolution, 0.1 lux low light rating and digital noise reduction, this box camera will produce high quality video even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The BLK-CDS205NS is very compact and flexible enough to meet any installation requirements. Lens not included.

    This camera's advanced features include Digital Noise Reduction, and On screen Display control:

    • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) eliminates some of the pixelated effect common to all video signals, delivering a sharper image with greater definition of details.
    • On-Screen Display (OSD) allows you to control the functions of your camera to get the best image, and includes settings for exposure, white balance, backlight control, and day/night.
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