BLACK 30x Optical Zoom Memory Speed Dome PTZ Security Camera


Features built-in image stabilization, true day/night, wide dynamic range

  • 520 color / 570 B&W lines of resolution for high quality images, with a minimum illumination of 0.008 lux
  • Built-in optical 30x auto-focus zoom lens lets you look more closely at a targeted area
  • Built-in image stabilization reduces effects of small camera movements to deliver a cleaner video signal
  • True day/night delivers a sharper image in low light conditions and enables the camera to see in the dark with the help of external IR illuminators
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) delivers video with near perfect exposure in the harshest of lighting conditions
  • Multiple communication protocol support (e.g., Pelco), for seamless integration with a wide range of devices
  • Advanced features include DNR, OSD, DSS and Motion Detection
  • Auto-surveillance functions include preset, tours, pattern, zone masking, alarms, and auto-flip

    The BLK-CCP143VH is a 30x optical zoom memory speed dome camera, featuring a Sony Super HAD chipset that delivers a crisp 520 lines color resolution and 570 lines black and white resolution with a minimum illumination of 0.008 lux.

    This camera offers several advanced features, including a built-in 30x optical auto-iris zoom lens which allows you to adjust your camera to achieve the exact field of view you need. It also includes built-in image stabilization to reduce the effects of small movements or vibration of your video camera, true day/night which improves low light sensitivity, and wide dynamic range (WDR) which enables the camera to deliver video with near perfect exposure in the harshest of lighting conditions.

    Other features include UTP, DNR, OSD, DSS, and built-in Motion Detection for enhanced performance and greater flexibility. All BLACK cameras offer 3 year warranties, and are backed by unparalleled lifetime support from the SC Direct Support Team.

    Our BLACKPTZ dome camera designs are based on direct feedback from our customers to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, saving you valuable time and money. All PTZ dome cameras come standard with auto surveillance functions, including support for up to 63 programmable preset positions, 8 programmable tour functions, up to 4 memorized user control patterns (speed, position and lens control), up to 4 zones of programmable privacy masking, and a digital auto-flip function with 360 degree endless panning and 0~180 degree tilt angle.

    This 30x optical zoom memory speed dome camera comes standard with the following core features and benefits:

    Chipset - 1/4 in Sony Super HAD CCD delivers a super sharp 520 color / 570 B&W lines of resolution for high quality images, with an amazing minimum illumination of 0.008 lux low light

    Lens - Built-in 30x optical auto-iris zoom lens (max 99mm focal length) allows you to adjust your camera to achieve the exact field of view you need, and allows you to narrow your field of view to look more closely at a targeted area, while saving on storage space and maintaining an accurate focus.

    Image Stabilization - Built-in image stabilization reduces the effects of small movements or vibration of your video camera - resulting in a clearer, more stable image. This is a very important feature for cameras mounted on poles or exposed to the elements, and critical for applications requiring the capture of fine details, such as facial features or fast moving license plates.

    Wide Dynamic Range - Wide dynamic range (WDR) enables the camera to deliver video with near perfect exposure in the harshest of lighting conditions. To accomplish this, wide dynamic cameras use advanced digital processing to capture two images at different exposures, and then combining them into a single image. WDR cameras are ideal for challenging lighting situations, such as doorways or windows to the outside, looking into car headlights, or any application looking into a direct light source. They are also ideal in opposite conditions, looking from a well lit area into a darker area.

    Protocols - This camera supports the industry s most common communication protocols, including Pelco, for seamless integration with a wide selection of DVRs, keyboards, matrix systems, video servers, and other devices. Perfect for new security systems and retrofits. Call your DIGIOP Black sales consultant for a complete list of protocols supported.

    Weatherproof IP67 Rated (with optional outdoor housing) - Never again worry about the elements - optional outdoor housing completely protects your camera against contact and dust, and is 100% water-proof.

    Warranty - All BLACK cameras come standard with a 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

    Advanced Features and Benefits

    DNR - There are several benefits to Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology. First, DNR delivers a cleaner signal, resulting in up to 70% disk space savings - so you can store more video evidence on your hard drive. Next, cameras equipped with DNR technology deliver a more visually appealing image, making it easier to identify suspects. Finally, DNR technology makes it easier for your camera to distinguish between true motion and image noise - allowing for your DVR to be more efficient in motion detection - especially in low light conditions. Here s how it works: The chip in your camera is constantly picking up noise (fine static) in your images, especially in low-light modes. DNR technology compensates for this, correcting imperfections in the image by removing a large percentage of this noise. When your DVR or computer is processing the video data, it must compress and save every part of your image that is moving. The less noise in your image, the less data that your DVR will save, and the more real motion your DVR will detect.

    OSD - A camera's On Screen Display (OSD) allows you to fine tune virtually every setting of your camera to achieve the best possible image quality, and allows you to program the camera s communication settings without the need for confusing dip switches. Without OSD, you are dependent upon the factory settings of the camera, and subject to any impact to the camera experienced during delivery or installation. And with the convenient design features of DIGIOP Black cameras, including 2nd video out and on-board one-finger joystick controls, now you can adjust your every aspect of your camera at the point of installation - without having to run back and forth to your DVR / monitor. Aspects you can control include wide dynamic range, auto iris exposure settings, day / night settings, and many more.

    DSS - Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) allows you to see clear images in extreme low light conditions without the need for artificial illumination. DSS technology enables very low light capabilities by slowing down shutter speed to allow more light to be collected by the CCD. The user can adjust these settings to specify conditions that engage this feature automatically.

    Motion Detection - The Motion Detection feature allows you to integrate your cameras with external devices - to engage that device upon the detection of motion. Common devices include security lights, alarms, access control devices, and more.

    Auto-Surveillance Functions Include

    Preset - This camera s preset function supports up to 248 positions of programming preset, allowing you to pre-define your high risk areas or areas of interest. Then, at the touch of a button, the camera will automatically pan / tilt / zoom to that location - giving you the exact shot (both angle and field of view) that you wanted.

    Preset Speed - Camera features a max preset speed of 380 degree/sec 0.1 degree accuracy, for quick response to manual requests, or reposition of camera to pre-programmed positions.

    Auto-Scan - Auto-scan is the camera s ability to repeatedly pan / tilt / zoom from one position to another. This camera can support a maximum of 4 pre-programmed auto-scans.

    Tours - This camera supports up to 8 programmable tour functions, consisting of preset pan / tilt / zoom movement and camera positions with individual dwell time. This allows you to cover multiple areas with fewer cameras, and without the need of a security guard to man the controls. One PTZ can tour different viewing areas and can even support different tours scheduled to run at different times of the day or week depending on the specific needs of your business.

    Pattern - This camera supports up to 4 memorized user control patterns (speed, position and lens control) - each up to 240 seconds in length. This allows the user to manually move the camera from one area to another, adjusting the camera s position, angle, and zoom. The camera will memorize these movements, and is able to automatically follow this pattern in the future at the touch of a button, or as part of a pre-programmed tour.

    Area - This camera supports up to 4 programmable areas.

    Privacy Zone Masking - This camera supports up to 8 zones of programmable privacy masking, allowing you to mask areas that you don t want to record on your system. This is typically used for privacy sensitive areas, such as ATM touch pads, and for areas adjacent to your property where you hold no liability. This is a commonly used feature, as the police can seize your entire surveillance system if you happen to capture a crime that occurs off of your property, leaving you without security.

    Alarms - This camera supports up to 8 programmable alarm inputs and 2 outputs. These inputs let you use external triggers to activate your video, or re-position the camera to provide instant coverage of an area of interest if an external sensor is tripped. Outputs let you activate an external device when an event is triggered, such as siren, light, alarm, etc.

    Additional PTZ Features

    Auto-flip - This camera features a digital auto-flip function, which allows the camera to seamlessly follow movement from one direction to the other as it moves directly beneath the camera - so you never have to worry about manually turning the camera to reverse the horizon as a subject passes underneath, and you never record an upside-down image.

    Back-up / Recall - Easily back-up all of your user-defined pre-sets and other PTZ data to an external / removable memory device. This allows for simple restoration of all programmed PTZ data if lost for any reason, and enables you to quickly and easily transfer all user-defined pre-sets to other cameras.

    RS-485 Communication - RS-485 communication provides long distance control of the camera, so you can use twisted-pair to actively manage your PTZ functions from a central location, instead of having to go to where the camera is mounted.

    Available options

    The following options and accessories are available for this camera:

    • Indoor Extended Ceiling Mount Bracket
    • Indoor Wall Mount Bracket
    • Indoor Flush Mount Housing
    • Outdoor Extended Ceiling Mount Bracket
    • Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket
    • Sunshield
    • Outdoor Housing - includes fan, heater, clear dome, IP67 construction
    • Outdoor Corner Mount Adapter - universal mount works with any bracket
    • Outdoor Pole Mount Adapter - universal mount works with any bracket
    • Parapet Mount Bracket - universal mount works with any bracket
    • 3-Axis Joystick Controller
    • 3-Axis Joystick Controller, 2 Line LCD Display
    • Professional 3-Axis Joystick Controller, Multi-Line Alpha Numeric Graphic LCD Display
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